Monday, September 26, 2011

Socks, socks, socks!

Another donation has rolled in for the Inaugural MIA Conference to be held on Saturday, November 12 in Des Peres, MO. A friend of MIA has donated one polka dot tote bag and 10 packages of Joe Boxer socks. Going through infertility treatments, our feet are always higher than our heads and we're stuck having to wear those dreaded hospital gowns most of the time. Women in the infertility community like to jazz up their feet with funky, crazy, colorful socks to show a little individuality and to send support to each other. Here are the socks that were donated for the conference:

At the conference, we will be taking up a sock collection to exchange with participants. Next time you're out shopping and see some crazy, funky socks throw them in your cart and bring them to the conference. Write a note to encourage the person who will be wearing your socks during her fertility treatments and we'll hand them out at the end of the conference. Happy Sock Hunting!

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