Friday, September 16, 2011

"Pregnant with Hope" by Susan Radulovacki

Thank you to Susan Radulovacki for donating one copy of her book Pregnant with Hope.

"Six million U.S. couples are currently struggling with infertility. Living in a culture that celebrates effortless success only makes that burden harder to bear. Why is everyone else able to conceive? What does it mean to be singled-out for suffering? And, where is God in all this? Many people never find the answers, but it doesn't have to be that way. Author Susan Radulovacki guides couples through ten scripture-based messages of insight and hope. Topics include feeling desperate, facing defeat, asking why, finding peace, and much more. In addition, ten couples share detailed accounts of their challenging--and ultimately successful--infertility journeys. Each of their stories demonstrates God's desire to transform the experience from a heartbreaking quest into life-changing good news. If you are searching for comfort and hope in the midst of infertility, read Pregnant with Hope."

Thank you Susan!

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