Monday, October 17, 2011

Free IVF Cycle for One Lucky Attendee!!!

St. Peters, Missouri based infertility clinic Fertility Partnership will give away a free IVF cycle to one conference attendee. The free IVF cycle includes: evaluation, monitoring, retrieval of eggs, fertilization, incubation and transfer of embryos and is valued at more than $8,000. The giveaway does not include medication, lab tests or freezing of additional embryos.

“Midwest Infertility Awareness is a great new organization providing critically needed support and information to those struggling with infertility,” said Dr. Elan Simckes of Fertility Partnership. “We are excited to be part of their first conference and to provide an IVF cycle to one attendee. We know that going through IVF can mean a significant financial burden for a couple, and at Fertility Partnership, we do all we can to lessen that burden. This is just another way for us to help everyone we can have the baby of their dreams.”

Thank you so much Dr. Simckes and Fertility Partnership! What are you waiting for? GO REGISTER!!!


  1. wow! That's amazing! Wish I lived in the area...

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