Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Every Drunken Cheerleader...Why Not Me?" by Kristine Ireland Waits

Two copies of Every Drunken Cheerleader...Why Not Me? has been graciously donated by the author herself, Kristine Ireland Waits. When I read the title of this book, I immediately laughed out loud so when I emailed Kristine about donating the book, she wrote back: "The title of the book has been a lot of fun - and such a real feeling for so many of us! The phrase actually came from an exhausted/aggressive conversation I had with our ObGyn. I knew he was the doctor for me when I could be that honest. In fact, he wrote me a Rx for a cheerleading uniform!!!"
Book description: "If you're eager to have a baby, doesn't the title say enough? Laugh, cry, share, relate - LOVE this book and all it offers to your soul. It's wit, wisdom and warmth from an author you'll quickly see as your sincere fertility-challenged friend. This information-packed, inspiring story is for women who are struggling with infertility and for those trying to support them. Enjoy an easy-reading journey you'll remember throughout life. Overwhelmed at the idea of dealing with friends' baby showers, insurance, husbands, needles, tears, heartbreak and surprises? This book captures it all in a delightful way that's packed full of truths and challenges to keep you moving forward. Indulge in a journey - reading this book - that will have you throwing your head back in laughter, curling up in the comfort of feeling understood, having raw honesty give you permission to be exactly who you are. Indulge. You deserve this! Get one for your best friend and your mom too."

Thank you Kristine for your donations!

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